Dads Spa Day – All the reasons to treat your father to a Spa day this Father’s Day

Father’s Day, although a very special day celebrating dad, can be a particularly busy and stressful time for many because what is a great gift to give dad and how many dads have ever had the amazing experience of being at a spa. Most fathers work hard to ensure their families are well taken care of, so why not give him a few hours off to escape the stresses and strains of working life and provide him a spa experience that is super great for his health and your peace of mind.

Most men view spas as something that’s just for the ladies or seen as completely alien, so just in case your father needs more convincing, Yuvati Shah, owner of Spa Royale at the Royal Palm Hotel Umhlanga lists 10 benefits of spa treatments:

  • They help you to slow down and allows the body to re-generate.
  • They treat all of your senses, putting you into a deeper state of relaxation.
  • They help with anti-aging and promote radiant skin.
  • They prevent health problems from arising.
  • They relieve aches and pains.
  • They improve health and fitness as well as promote weight loss.
  • They prevent varicose veins.
  • They promote better sleeping patterns.
  • They improve blood flow and circulation.
  • They help to release serotonin, the hormone associated with happiness, thus increases your happiness levels.

If you don’t want to come on your own or are looking for the perfect excuse to spoil your dad, why not bring him along?

As Yuvati Shah says: “We’ve all taken our fathers for granted at times but, when we stop and think about it, we realise just how much they’ve done for us. So, if there is one person that deserves to be spoiled and celebrated on his very own holiday, it’s Dad! What better way to bond with your father than by having a leisurely spa day?! Not only will it be fun for both of you, but there are so many health benefits as well!”