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Make your wedding bouquet meaningful

There’s nothing quite like saying ‘I do’ in style at Granny Mouse Country House & Spa.

However, although weddings are an amazingly special time, they come with loads of planning – from simply setting the date to sending out the invites, planning the table seating and menu to choosing the venue and the cake.

However, at Granny Mouse Country House & Spa, your wedding planning couldn’t be any easier!

Considered one of the most romantic venues in the Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands, weddings at Granny Mouse are truly spectacular. With everything you could need based on-site – the idyllic chapel with panoramic views over the Caversham Valley, a reception venue catering for up to 120 guests, a culinary team ready to create your unique wedding feast and a pastry chef to sculpt your perfect wedding cake – it’s truly little wonder that we are a sought after venue.

Although many would find it hard to believe, one of the biggest decisions you will have to make for your big day is what flowers to use. After all, flowers in wedding celebrations are always a major focal point, not only setting the tone for the day but being a focal point when it comes to everything from colour choices to table decorations and, most importantly, your treasured photographs.

Flowers, herbs and spices have been used in weddings for centuries. Today, their main purpose is for decoration and to complement the dress of the entire wedding party.

However, in ancient times, their use was more spiritually oriented and symbolic. Strong smells were related to protection from evil forces and mysticism. The bride therefore carried aromatic bunches of garlic, herbs and spices to keep evil spirits away.

In ancient Greece and Rome, both the bride and groom wore a garland made out of strong-smelling herbs and spices around their necks. The garland was a symbol of love and happiness.

Ancient Greeks also used flowers and plants to make a crown for the bride to wear. These were considered a gift from nature.

Although some cultures and religions still use herbs to celebrate marriage, flowers have become the centre point.

In addition to simply complementing outfits and decorations and acting as fillers to complete floral art, some flowers are also chosen for their specific “meanings”. By choosing flowers that speak for you, your bridal wedding bouquet and centerpieces can be so much more than simply decorations. They can actually convey a powerful message about the love you and your partner share for each other and the hopes and dreams that you have for your new life together.

Of course, roses are by far the most popular flower used in wedding bouquets, corsages, buttonholes and table centres. This is hardly surprising as the rose signifies romance, love, joy and beauty. Different coloured roses have different meanings with white roses indicating innocence, ivory roses showing fidelity, red roses depicting passion and dark pink roses expressing a couple’s gratitude for having met one another.

Calla Lilies are currently very fashionable wedding flowers and, when used as centre pieces, signify beauty as well as fertility. Calla lilies add an element of elegance and sophistication to your wedding and can be used on their own to create a simple yet striking bouquet or centrepiece.

Chrysanthemums can be combined easily with other flowers as they have no scent and are perfect for bridal bouquets as they not only complement other blooms but spread happiness with their bold colours.

Orchids are a fashionable choice for weddings because of their meaning which is love and beauty.

Tulips are best suited to spring weddings and come is a huge variety of colours. They symbolise undying love and passion. But they are very fragile and may get easily damaged as part of a bouquet.

Winter Wonder Breakaway 2019-page-001

Take a romantic winter break with Granny Mouse

There’s nothing more romantic than cuddling up with a log fire burning, as you enjoy a glass of red wine, a locally made sherry or a cup of hot chocolate, as the chilly air outside creates a winter wonderland……

If you’re looking for an indulgent winter getaway, make sure you’ve got Granny Mouse on your list, and take advantage of their Winter Wonder special.

Granny Mouse is offering an unbelievable Winter Wonder which will allow you a quick and simple breakaway to let your hair down as you enjoy our crisp fresh mountain air and an opportunity to visit quaint shops and cafes or even pull on your hiking boots.

R5 000 will enable a couple to spend two nights in one of our garden or deluxe rooms and enjoy a hearty breakfast on waking.

In addition, each couple can look forward to a 30 minute back and neck treatment at our spa and a Belgian chocolate gift pack on arrival. We’re including a wine and cookie pairing for each of our visitors and will wave each couple on their way with a case of wine on departure.

Book early to avoid disappointment. Our special offer covers a minimum two-night stay and you also have the choice of upgrading to a deluxe suite for an extra, once-off payment of R1 500 or stay a little longer at R1 350 per person sharing per night.