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Celebrating Spring at Granny Mouse  

With the start of a new, fresh, Spring season swiftly upon us- one of new beginnings- it’s only right that The Eaves Restaurant at The Granny Mouse Country House & Spa keeps up with the times, and places their patrons in that mind-set, with a delicious and tantalizing new menu- one in line with this new season. Wayland Green, the executive culinary artist at Granny Mouse, spends a lot of time researching and developing his dishes, to fit the season as well as ensuring that they are staying in line with the latest trends.

With this new menu, there is something for everyone to enjoy, something that will satisfy everyone’s cravings. One wouldn’t usually think to combine the flavours of grilled monk fish with corn, or lentils with prune & apricot compote- and yet that’s exactly what Wayland Green has done. He enjoys using fresh, seasonal ingredients, to create new and inventive dishes. “It’s important to let the flavours speak for themselves, and not to over complicate their natural, raw flavours”, says Green. Eaves-Cous-Cous

To get started, the stewed pear and camembert with rocket and radish salad, candied cashew crumbs and raspberries is a dish that combines both sweet and savoury, and is an absolute must-try. Or why not try the grilled monk fish, sautéed black cherry tomatoes, sweet corn puree with sautéed baby leaf spinach and monk fish lemon butter? This fresh seafood dish is light, yet wholesome, and leaves you wanting more.Eaves---Monk-Fish

For those that enjoy the rich flavours of home-grown vegetables, the warm Moroccan lentil and couscous salad with spiced hummus, prune and apricot compote and coriander pesto is for you! This meal highlights the greatness of natural and organic flavours, without having to add too many other components. Pear-Dish

There’s also a more hearty option, for anyone who loves thetaste of a proper home cooked meal, but, of course, Wayland Green has put his own spin on it. Coffee beef fillet, sweet potato puree with cranberry herb pesto, roast butternut and crispy spinach- there are all the elements one needs for a ‘feel good’ meal, but with modern elements to it as well.

What’s a meal without a little something sweet to end off on? The cinnamon sponge, butterscotch peaches with sweet coconut cream and mint and dark chocolate truffles ticks all the boxes when it comes to enjoying something fruity, yet sugary.

Not only does Granny Mouse provide these delicious meals, but it’s set in the middle of the beautiful countryside- so not only is your appetite fulfilled, but your eyes are too.

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Young, Wild & Free – Creating a wedding your inner child would be proud of!




Intimate picnic wedding

Weddings in this day and age tend to feature elements that can be out of the norm, making them extra memorable, having guests recall it years after.

Your wedding should not be the product of what others expect you to have, but should be a reflection of you and your spouse-to-be, especially when it comes to the finer details.

Adding exciting elements into your wedding could be in the form of entertainment, the food, the cake, the décor and even the type of wedding you host.

If you have just said “yes” and are in the process of setting a date and choosing a theme; has the thought of childhood favourites come into mind? Well here are some childhood favourites used by other couples to incorporate their inner child into their special day – giving guests a taste of all the things the bride and groom enjoyed while growing up.

For entertainment, games such as giant Jenga, Croquet, giant chess and even a ring toss have featured as a means of entertaining the guests during the photo shoot interval between the wedding ceremony and reception.

The décor at some weddings have included a full picnic-style set up; Lego table numbers, a sweet bar, an ice cream bar with toppings and even fairy-tale-style table decorations such as a horse and carriage favour for a fairy-tale wedding, to name a few. Some have even gone as far as a Star Wars themed wedding with lightsabers and Jedi’s incorporated.

At any wedding, the food is always one of the most important aspects and the feature that many guests remember for years’ to come.

The cake can be that of a Rice Krispies cake, princess castle cake or may even have fun figurines as the cake topper such as superman and wonder woman. In some cases, the bride and groom opt not to have a traditional tiered cake, but create a donut tower for guests to eat from.

Weddings with a twist can also include slush puppies, candyfloss, a piñata and more. Many venues also provide different ideas for bridal couples to consider when hosting their wedding at their venue. If the wedding venue is an outdoor venue, or partially outdoor, then the use of sparklers or glow sticks by the guests during the first dance has become quite a popular addition.

A wedding is a personal affair, so it can feature just about anything your heart desires, so contact Granny Mouse Country House & Spa to discuss what you have in mind and they will do their best to make it happen.

“We have had numerous weddings at our hotel, some of which have been out of the ordinary such as a  vintage picnic wedding next to the Lions River, a cocktail wedding, bride’s arriving in hot air balloons and some even incorporating moulded fondant mice as cake toppers,” says Sean Granger (General Manager of Granny Mouse Country House & Spa).