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Macramé in your garden!

When we think of decorating, we tend to think of our interior first– new curtains, scatters and accessories – however we tend to neglect our outdoors, which in most cases, is the first place people will see as they enter your home.

Decorating the garden is the “in thing” now especially with so many trendy ideas to revamp this space.

For your patio area (whether in the front or back yard), adding pots of beautiful colour will enhance the look of the space immediately. “Even though neutrals might be “in” when it comes to the interior of the home, the outside should be vibrant. Bright colours are the trend in the garden,” says Chantelle Granger, the Reservations Manager of Granny Mouse Country House & Spa and an avid gardener in her spare time.

Apart from gardening, she also enjoys DIY, with a lineup of crafty ideas sure to add pizazz to your garden.

In recent times, macramé has made a major come back. Macramé is the art of knotting string in patterns to make decorative pieces. Adding this type of craft into your patio and garden can make a major difference to a boring area.

These steps should help you create your own macramé pot holder.

What you need:

  • 8 pieces of 2m Yarn (or cut to the size you want depending on the hanging length)
  • Scissors to cut the yarn
  • Pot plant
  • Screw in hook or wall bracket with hook


Cut the 8 pieces of 2m yarn.

Hold all the yarn in half and tie a knot at the top, leaving a small loop for hanging purposes. Tug on the yarn to ensure it is tight.

Screw or secure the hook or bracket to a wall where you want to hang it.

Hand your loop on the hook to make it easier to work with.

Take 2 strands next to each other and knot them. Do the same for the other stands, ensuring they are all the same length from the top.

Tighten them.

Then using 2 strands from the adjacent yarn, tie another knot and do the same for the rest (but ensure that this knot is slightly lower down).

Then, place your pot plant in the macramé and then adjust it to fit. Gather the rest of the yarn under the pot and tie another knot.

Hang in place and you are done!

Step by step images are below:


Fall in love with copper this wedding season!

390308de1b3aa66b5762fbacc2166c25--neutral-wedding-colors-modern-wedding-colors-1Image via Pinterest (URL:

2017 brings with it new seasons, challenges both good and bad and perhaps the most important day of your life – the day you make the commitment to share your life with another.

With so many new modern trends available for you to use for your special day, planning your décor should not be a challenge.

For stunning décor that will make your wedding “shine” above the rest, opt for copper or rose gold. This touch of metallic compliments most colours and many items can be made instead of bought, to help cut down on extra costs.

Not only is copper easy to find at most hardware stores, you can also buy metallic spray paint from a craft store to create the look you desire.

Copper can be incorporated into the cake, flowers, centrepieces, table numbers, cutlery, lighting and much more. It is hard wearing and it is relatively inexpensive.

“When thinking of wedding décor, especially for a country wedding in the colder months, décor that is warmer in colour allows for the entire look to appear warmer and more ambient. We believe that rose gold and coppers will be making an appearance more often this year,” says Veronica Sookdin, Banqueting co-ordinator at Granny Mouse Country House & Spa.

For DIY inspiration for your wedding, why not try making copper pipe serviettes holders.

Here is how; in three easy steps:

  1. Visit any hardware store
  2. Purchase copper coupler slips in a size that you can fit a napkin through.
  3. Thread a napkin through the ring and it is complete

Tip: Most hardware stores sell these for under R20.


Image source: (URL:

simple_rose_gold_industrial_napkin_ring_hack_0002-1Image source: via Pinterest (URL:

For table numbers, an easy and unique idea is to use large copper coloured foil balloons in various numbers filled with helium and held down with fishing gut.

5a2d7376781b6a2e766a31291fceea9a-1Image source: via Pinterest (URL:

No matter the decor you decide for your wedding day, ensure that you keep it simple. Simplicity is always the key to gorgeous wedding décor.

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