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Try the nontraditional “I DO”!

In recent years, it has become quite a trend to host a nontraditional wedding that reflects the personality of the bride & groom.

Breaking away from the norm allows couples to feel at ease, comfortable and content at not having to follow “rules and regulations” expected at a traditional wedding.

At a “normal” wedding it is tradition to have a white dress, a veil, minimal wedding colours, say the recited wedding vows, walk down the aisle to “Here comes the bride”, have a program that follows a formal procedure, not seeing one another the day before the wedding, have bridesmaids that are female and groomsmen that are male, plus many more.

“There is so much pressure on bridal couples, as there are so many traditions for them to follow, but for those wanting their wedding to be about them and not about everyone else, choosing a nontraditional wedding can, most times, be the best option to avoid unnecessary worry,” says Ane’ du Preez, Operations and Banqueting Manager at Granny Mouse Country House & Spa, who has experienced a number of weddings in her years at the establishment.

For bridal couples wanting to personalize their wedding, but have no idea where to start, why not begin the process by doing a quick brainstorm amongst yourselves. Under the following items, describe what each of you would like and from there, you can incorporate both your likes to ensure both of your wedding day dreams become a reality.

  1. Venue: Where do you want to get married? Do you prefer a getaway that offers everything in one – from a chapel to an onsite spa, personalized service and accommodation for guests within a beautiful setting or would you prefer something simpler? Depending on one’s budget, there are many options, but it is advisable to host one’s wedding at a venue that can accommodate all your guests as well as offer packages that can work around your budget, this proves “budget-friendly” in the end.
  1. Number of guests: Determine amongst yourselves the number of guests you want to have experience your special day. The easiest way to cut down a large guest list is to list those who you see most often, first, then once you have a round number and want to add to it, you can then add other guests to get to your desired number. Many bridal couples feel pressurised to invite all family members, whether they have been active in the lives of the bridal couple or not, as they do not want to cause hard feelings. Just remember, the wedding day is about you and your budget.
  1. Colours: Choose colours or a theme you both like. Most times, simple is best.
  1. Food: Food is usually plated for weddings and usually caters to all palettes. But for nontraditional weddings, bridal couples can serve sushi, host a braai or even cocktail platters. Some bridal couples also prefer to host a morning wedding, where “breakfast is served”. Whatever you choose, fresh and tasty food should be the order of the day.
  1. Attire: For many brides, the traditional white dress is a must, but for the nontraditional bride, a dress of colour may be the preference, showcasing the personality of the bride. For some nontraditional bridal parties, the dress code may follow a theme such a beachy, Hawaiian, carnival, and even casual that would never be expected in a traditional wedding where suits and ties are the norm.

When it comes to your wedding, the only thing to worry about, is its memorability.  With this said, the most memorable aspect of one’s wedding is the fun that was had. So whatever is decided upon, ensure that you live for the moment and host a wedding with “YOU” at the center.

For personalized wedding packages to suit your budget in a beautiful setting that can accommodate almost ALL requests – from traditional to nontraditional – visit


Enjoy a winter wonderland break with Granny Mouse

If a quick and simple breakaway to the country is what you’re looking for, then look no further than Granny Mouse County House & Spa. Nestled in the heart of the KwaZulu Natal Midlands, Granny Mouse is the perfect winter breakaway!

The Midlands truly comes alive in Winter, with fire places roaring, red wine or hot chocolate on order and hearty warm food always on offer. From 1 March through to the end of September, Granny Mouse is running a fantastic winter special that is guaranteed to be the best mini winter break.

Stay a minimum of two nights as a couple in a Garden or Deluxe Room, on a bed and breakfast basis, and receive a complimentary 30 minute back and neck treatment, as well as a mixed case of wine to take home with you upon your departure. Added to this package, you will receive a R250 gift voucher that you can use towards a future stay, all for only R825 per person per night!

Booking is essential and subject to availability, so make sure you contact Granny Mouse today to make your booking by calling 033 234 4071 or email Terms and conditions apply.

Please click here to view Winter Wonder Breakaway 2016