The Perks of a morning wedding at Granny Mouse

What is the best time of the day to get married?

There is no hard and fast rule dictating what day or time to get married. It is purely up to the couple, and each couple is different, and have their own dreams as to what they want for their big day.

Historically, most couples choose a time between 11am and 1pm on a Saturday to get married, which has proven to be one of the most popular wedding ceremony times, but did you know that choosing a time outside of the norm can actually save you a good amount of money?

Why not kick off your married life with a day time wedding or a morning wedding, which would not only save on the overall wedding costs, but also potentially the meals that you serve. Having a breakfast, or rather a brunch meal, or champagne breakfast after having exchanged wedding vows can be just as delicious, as romantic!

Some suggestions that our Granny Mouse Country House & Spa culinary artists have conjured up for your special morning celebration could include a spinach omelette, eggs in spicy tomato sauce, fried eggs with truffles, scrambled eggs with chorizo, eggs benedict and even Italian egg sandwiches, served with some champagne, mimosas and bloody marys to wash it down.

A brunch or breakfast wedding also allows for slower paced proceedings and a chance for you to mingle with your guests without feeling the pressures of getting all the customary traditions out of the way due to a time limit. For guests who may not be staying over and who have far to travel, they don’t have to leave late at night and worry about traveling in the dark or stressing and rushing home before the Covid-19 curfew regulations kick in.

A morning wedding also allows for more flexibility for your photographer, as they will get the time to capture some amazing shots of your wedding day throughout the morning, and into the afternoon/evening.

Whether you go for a quick continental breakfast or a full-blown brunch spread, serving breakfast food at your wedding is always going to be less expensive than a lunch or dinner menu.

Another budget concern when it comes to a wedding is the bar bill. And with a morning wedding, this is likely to not be as taxing on the wallet if it were an evening wedding; you may even be able to offer an open bar.

The final pro is that you won’t be as tired, as this wedding time tends to be a little more relaxed and you get to spend part of your wedding day with your new spouse. And to top it all off, you can spend a little longer in the Granny Mouse honeymoon suite!