Skin Care Tips You Should Follow This Season

Every year, summers take a toll on the skin. The blazing sun and the scorching heat can be unforgiving, especially to your skin. Sure, summer is the season to kick back and relax, but it’s not time to slack on your skincare routine. The scorching heat, pollution and humidity wipes it off the natural glow, and sometimes, invites infections. To avoid all these hassles, Beauty Technologist of Spa Royale @ Royal Palm Nishani Shah shares some tips to keep your skin radiating all season.

First of all, your lips! Yes, your lips definitely need sun protection too. Many people also forget that your lips, just like your body and face, need to be exfoliated. Shah suggests that you exfoliate your lips at least once a week.  The skin on your lips is thing and lacks the natural oil glands that the rest of your skin has. By exfoliating the dead skin off your lips, you are exposing the healthy fresh skin below them. If you don’t have an exfoliator handy you can make one yourself! “My favorite home remedy is brown sugar and honey or olive oil.” Shah says. “if your lips are cracked or sensitive/irritated, rather wait until they have healed before you used the exfoliator as it can tear your lips” she adds.

Increase in temperatures during the summer months, combined with humidity and heat, can increase the activity of the sebaceous glands. This makes oily skin appear oilier and dry skin appear rough and patchy. The intensity of the sun’s rays also causes tanning by producing more melanin pigments. While everyone is aware that more melanin means darker skin, few relate sunburned skin with ageing and cancer. The heat can also cause more pores to open, which can get clogged with dirt and oil, trapping bacteria, causing acne, pimples, and blemishes on the face.

Hydration is extremely important for our skin, and even more so during summer, especially in Durban! You should aim for at least eight glasses of water a day. Being well hydrated can also help your skin recover quicker from sunburns, prevention is better than cure though!

Another essential way to keep your skin moisturized this summer is moisturizing. Shan suggests that you get yourself a water-based moisturizer as opposed to a petroleum – based moisturizer which can dry out your skin. Use a good sunscreen on the daily. This is crucial as sunscreen helps in shielding your skin from harmful UV rays that bring about the early arrival of skin ageing.

Regular skin-care treatments are also necessary to keep your skin looking fresh all summer. Shah recommends the 75minute, AgeSmart skin treatment which targets anti-aging by building collagen and elastic in the skin. The 60-minute Medi-bac skin treatment is also a popular choice in summer since the treatment helps de-congest oily skin. Both these treatments and many more are available at Spa Royale, but bookings are essential!  Contact Spa Royale at the Royal Palm Hotel on 031 566 1286 or email .