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Tips for the perfect date night

With life being a constant hustle and bustle, we can sometimes forget to pay much needed attention to our spouse, partner or loved one and that is why date night is a must-have in your relationship.

Whether it is one day a week or once a month, date night should be a regular occurrence as it is important to reconnect with your partner, which you may not get when you have to work late hours, have household duties, or parenting duties when you are at home.

For those looking for a place that will help you get away, but not too far from reality, then a hotel located near to home is a must.

Here are a few benefits of using a hotel as your date night option:

  1. A hotel near to home will still allow you to stay over and get to your normal life the next day – whether it is school drop offs on a weekday, or getting ahead of the traffic on your way to work or simply, just enjoying some Saturday morning shopping.
  2. There is the option of having dinner, followed by a romantic stay over with your partner. Getting some much needed time together. You are able to wine, dine and slumber in style!
  3. Staying in a hotel for a night may even re-ignite your intimate life as the change in environment can help you reconnect. You are also able to be more focussed on your partner as there are no distractions around you.
  4. Going out to a hotel for date night will also encourage you to dress up for the occasion, thus boosting your self-esteem.
  5. You are also able to wine and dine, and not have to worry about driving home. You can then retreat to your room after a good dinner and awake the next morning to room-service or a spread of breakfast in the restaurant, which is usually an offer by most hotels.


Royal Palm Hotel situated on uMhlanga Ridge, opposite Gateway Theatre of Shopping, is truly the perfect hotel to book your date night as it is conveniently situated near to the N2 and the M4, so if you need to travel the next day, you have easy access to the highway to get to your destination. There is also so much entertainment on offer in the vicinity of the hotel, allowing you to add more to your date night – whether it is a movie at the cinema, Go-carting, tenpin bowling and more!

So wherever it is you choose to spend your date night, ensure you plan ahead and make sure that you make the most of your time – because in the words of Diogenes Laërtius: “Time is the most valuable thing that a man can spend”.

To book your date night at Royal Palm Hotel, contact 031 581 8000.


Mid-year connections to give the team a boost!

When the middle of the year hits, it can result in a slump which can affect your workforce and their ability to perform at their best.

To help prevent or remedy this, is to break away from the normal working environment and focus on connecting the team with a mid-year break!

Whatever your choice for a breakaway, it need not be extravagant. You could host a cocktail function for staff or get in a motivational speaker to address the staff on a day out of the office. You may even consider taking the team out to lunch to rejuvenate and feel a sense of worth, as well as have them connect with one another over social conversation.

“Here at Royal Palm Hotel we offer conferencing options that can cater to small groups of 10 people up to larger groups of 90 people (depending on the seating style). We offer complimentary WiFi, free parking and lunch options amongst other features in each package,” says Simon Bailey (General Manager: Royal Palm Hotel).

Perhaps you are looking at hosting a conference and want to include some form of team building. Within the hotel’s vicinity you will find Gateway Theatre of Shopping, Natal Sharks Board, a Spa, and much more. You could host the conference at Royal Palm Hotel and then perform your team building at one of the entertainment outlets in the area such as Action Karting (go-carts), Electric Avenue Bowling, and more!

If you are hosting a conference before a fun team building then it is important to tackle your marketing and business plan at the more formal side of the conference. Determine if the team is on the right track, if there is room for improvement, suggestions on improvement as well as acknowledge or reward those who have contributed successfully.

Tip: If you are hosting a conference or attending one and will be out all day or for numerous days, ensure you have a plan in place for taking care of your customers while you are away. Ensure there are other team members to assist you and it is important to have an out of office on your email to direct each customer query to the correct person.

To book your next conference at Royal Palm Hotel contact 031 581 8000. The conferencing team is able to help you select the right package for your needs and give you advice on team building options.